Douglas Dykehouse

Michigan State University • Western Michigan University • Albion College • Central Michigan University

I view my paintings as abstractions which are represented with a naturalistic or “realistic” style. I prefer to develop each composition entirely before I begin to paint. I generally create a monochromatic under painting with acrylics or oils and then apply “glazes” of color.

The painting process records the passing of time and suspends my perception of time. This suspension or balance between “real time” and the illusion of suspended time is relaxing. To me this is an exercise of thought and behavior. Before I begin a painting, an idea needs to pass a threshold which will warrant the commitment I need to make in order to produce a finished painting.

My intention is to reflect while I record ideas in a two dimensional composition with evocative, recognizable forms so well, that observers may experience their own core feelings in a familiar way. This is a meditative response which links each of us to one another. I make observations and notes to myself throughout each day. I make sketches when an idea or an image persists during my note taking exercises. The process of noticing and developing an idea is a “stepping back” or stepping out of rhythm with daily behaviors and dialogs. I enjoy the “language” of visual images.

There are times when I sketch with no real intention or conscious idea of what may happen as I draw. It’s always a pleasant surprise when a sketch develops which I have no control over. On these occasions I’m reassured that images can present themselves without planning. These expressions can come quite quickly and may seem spontaneous. However, like a Rorschach ink blot test, I always seem to find a personal meaning behind each sketch. This suggests there was typically a personal event or feeling that found its way into my sketch. However. like the ink blot test response, I’m aware that everyone is looking for meaning and I may simply be projecting my personal meanings onto objects.

I enjoy working on developing my painting skills as I continue to observe and respond to my thoughts and feelings. This process is of course a personal exploration. It’s satisfying to me when people experience many of the same ideas and feelings.


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